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Position available: FULL TIME or PART TIME

Shift: 6:30am-2:30pm

Days needed: FLEXIBLE



1. Opening bake off of scones, biscuits, cookies and muffins
2. Finishing bundt/sheet cakes and biscuits for the pastry case
3. Keeping the pastry case stocked appropriately throughout the day
4. Production of batters, doughs, glazes and frosting
5. Baking coffee cakes
6. Helping kitchen team run food, as needed

7. Occasionally taking customer orders over the phone

8. Inventory and Ordering assistance

1. Professional baking experience is a plus but not required
2. Available to work all shifts listed above
3. Work both as part of a team AND as a focused, self-motivated individual

4. High standards of cleanliness and quality of work

5. Extreme attention to detail

6. Ability to assess the quality of your own work

7. Dependable

8. Positive Attitude

9. Lift 25lbs and stand for 10 hours
10. Able to work in a very small, busy, fast-paced environment
11. Passion for food and making people smile

12. Strong work ethic

Pay Rate Varies: approx $18 - $25 /hour

Health Insurance Available

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